22 April
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29 January
Cricket has existed for close to five centuries, but the sport we love to play and watch came into being in the middle of the 1700s. When people think popular sports in Ireland they will likely think of football and Gaelic football, but cricket in Ireland is extremely popular now, and there are thousands of cricket fans across the country that love to watch and bet on this entertaining game. In this review, we shall take a brief glimpse into cricket in Ireland history, take a look at Irish cricket players who are considered to be the best, as well as some of the best cricket betting sites for Irish.
21 January
Us absolutely adore our cricket, but we are certainly not the only ones who do. The English love their cricket as well, which is not that surprising when you take into account that it was the British who gave the world this beautiful sport. In this article, we are going to have a look at cricket in the UK, the kind of bets that you can place, where the best places are to watch games, and the best cricket betting sites for British cricket fans.
02 July
The women’s World T20, which happened in March and was won by Australia was watched by just over 1 billion people, which just so happens to be twenty times higher than the last women’s World Cup that was held in the West Indies in 2018. This is proof that interest in the women’s game is continuing to increase. The final between India and Australia was watched by 53 million people worldwide.
02 July
When it comes to the richest and biggest T20 cricket competition in the world, there is nothing that comes close to the Indian Premier League. There is plenty of entertainment on show at this event and there is also plenty to bet on. Below we are going to give you some tips about betting on this prestigious competition. Due to the pandemic the venue for the 2020 season was moved to the United Arab Emirates.