What You Need to Know about Betting on the Indian Premier League

When it comes to the richest and biggest T20 cricket competition in the world, there is nothing that comes close to the Indian Premier League. There is plenty of entertainment on show at this event and there is also plenty to bet on. Below we are going to give you some tips about betting on this prestigious competition.

Due to the pandemic the venue for the 2020 season was moved to the United Arab Emirates. The 2021 edition of the Indian Premier League, also known as IPL 14, is set to be played between April and May 2021 in either India or the United Arab Emirates.

For IPL enthusiasts we can also recommend the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. It is the first domestic cricket event in India since the pandemic hit in 2020.


IPL Betting Odds

One of the golden rules of gambling that you should never ignore is that you should always bet using the best odds around. Betting using the highest odds can be compared to buying a product that you like at the lowest cost. For instance, if you can by a smartphone at one shop for 2,000 Indian rupees fewer than at another shop, you would be foolish to buy it at the more expensive shop. Well, this is exactly how it works with sports betting. For example, if you believe that Mumbai Indians are definitely going to beat the Chennai Super Kings, then it makes sense to back them with odds of 1.85 with bookie Y than to back them at 1.75 with bookie Z.

Betting Markets That You Will Find for the IPL

When sports betting first arrived on the scene, there were limited markets such as which team will win the match. However, as the years have passed, more and more markets have been added and now you can bet on a wide variety of interesting events. So, what are some of the more popular markets for the IPL? Well, we shall take a look at those right now.

Top batsman: Betting on the match winner is the most popular market for the IPL, and betting on which player will be the top scorer in the game is the next popular one. When you are thinking about placing such a bet, you need to take a look at what position a player bats (those who bat at the top of the order will often face more balls) and how a player usually performs on a particular wicket.

Which team will hit the most sixes: This is basically a battle in a battle. A team might lose a game by a large margin, but still hit the most sixes. When you are thinking about placing such a bet, you need to take a close look at the players for both teams and see which team has the big six hitters. You should also look at previous scorecards to see whether a team conceded sixes regularly.

Top bowler: Instead of betting on the top batsman, you can bet on the top bowler instead. When you are looking at such a market, you need to check how bowlers have been performing lately as well as which bowlers will bowl during the Power plays and the death overs. While a bowler might concede more runs in the Power Play or death overs, there is a greater chance of picking up wickets as batsmen go gung-ho to score runs. The wickets column is all that matters when it comes to best bowler.

Man of the match: This is one of those markets that you love or hate. Those that hate it will declare that any of the 22 players on the field could win the award, so guessing correctly is just pure luck. But, in our opinion, they are missing the point. It is true that you will not win this market often, but it is still worth your while to do as the odds of usually really high. Therefore, you can place a small wager and still be in with the chance to earn a nice bit of profit.


How to Place a Bet on the Indian Premier League

So, you are interested in betting on the IPL, but how exactly do you do it? Well, you will be happy to hear that it simple to bet on. When you go on a sportsbook for the first time you will find that the sports have been divided into their own categories. Click on cricket and the select the IPL tab. This section will be split into live and upcoming games and some outright markets. These will be markets such as which team will win the tournament, the batsman that will be the top scorer in the competition, and which team will finish bottom of the pile. If you would like to bet on a match that is soon to be played, then click on it and look at the different markets that have been made available. You will find that markets for IPL games will be put up by the bookie four to five days before it is due to begin.

Top Tips for Betting on the IPL

When you are betting on anything, the most important thing that you need to do is bet on value. Do not place a bet on Rohit Sharma, for example, because he is your favorite player, put a bet on him because you have noticed that his odds are 3.50 when they really should be 2.50. Finding the value bets is the ultimate secret to being a successful gambler.

Another great tip is to specialize on a certain team or market. Learning all the ins and outs of the Chennai Super Kings is a lot more valuable than knowing a tiny bit of information about the other seven IPL teams. If you manage to do this, you will soon be able to choose what to bet on really quickly. Also, familiarizing yourself with just a couple of betting markets will ensure that you are more versed with those than trying to win with ten different markets.